Welcome to Foot Logic, my name is Cathy Li. I have been a masseuse for 15 years, in Ukiah for the last 7 years. I learned traditional Chinese massage in Harbin China, receiving an advanced certificate.

Chinese massage (Tui na) also called reflexology is a form of Chinese manipulative often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping, Chinese herbalism. Chinese massage (Tui na) is a hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese Taoist principles in an effort to bring the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into balance. The practitioner may brush, knead, roll, press, and rub the areas between each of the joints, known as the eight gates, to attempt to open the body’s defensive chi (Wei Qi) and get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles. Techniques may be gentle or quite firm. The practitioner can then use range of motion, traction, with the stimulation of acupressure points.

Benefits of Chinese foot massage and reflexology


Based on the theory of body meridians, the function of the body’s organs can be found on points of the foot. The foot is not only the start of three yin meridians, but also the end of three yang meridians. These six meridians are located on six different points of the foot. There are 33 points under the ankle and 66 points over the two feet, accounting for 10% of all the body’s points. Doing foot massage often can stimulate points of Yongquan, Taichong, Yinbai, and Kunlun and promote the circulation of the body’s meridians, nurse the internal organs, regulate Yin and Yang meridians, dredge meridians, keep in good health and lengthen your life.

The foot is called “the second heart” of the body. This mysterious “organ” of our body contains infinite treasure, and the sole of the foot, which occupies only a tiny space, contains half of the body meridians. Foot is the start of three yin meridians (liver, spleen, and kidney) and the end of three yang meridians (stomach, gallbladder, and bladder). More than 60 points on the sole are in close relation with our internal organs. Among “essence, energy and spirit,” the three most precious material in one’s body, essence ranks first. It is said that “the foot is the master of the kidney” as the foot has the closest relation with the kidney. Kidney is the origin of congenital constitution, the root of strength and mainly filled with essence. Once the foot suffers cold,  disease can occur. That’s why the saying goes “To protect a tree, we cover its roots; to keep one in good health, we protect his feet.”

Ten Benefits of Chinese foot massage

Keep in good health , lengthen your life
Prevention and Control over chronic fatigue and insomnia
Prevention and Control over high blood pressure
Prevention and Control over rheumatoid arthritis
Prevention and Control over foot and leg numbness
Prevention and Control over diabetes
Dispel cold and warm the body
To beautify the features and weight loss
Prevention and Control over cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombus
Dispel fatigue and rejuvenate the body and mind

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